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Hi and welcome to The Paper Package. It's really nice of you to visit! The Paper Package is a small little business but we have a bright little dream - to create original, memorable, vintage-style gifts and care packages that people will love to give and receive. Here are a few things about us you might be interested in...


We love gifts...

At The Paper Package we believe it's good to give. And we believe it's especially good to give old-fashioned, wrapped-up-with-a-ribbon gifts.

Gifts add a bit of sparkle, joy and fun to our lives - they help us show our families and friends how much we care - they provide great memories - and they're an important part of our celebrations and traditions.

In fact, what's not to like about them? Well...only that we somehow have to find the time to choose them, buy them, wrap them and maybe even post them. And that's the bit where it all seems to have got so hard...

For a lot of us today, the whole gift giving process has become a bit of a chore. Everybody's so busy that it's hard to find time to leisurely browse the shops for gift ideas, or even search through store after store online for something original and appropriate.

So then what do we do? Instead of exchanging lovely wrapped gifts with each other - we end up giving plastic gift cards or cash! Usually not even wrapped up!!  You can't help thinking that a little of the magic has been lost...

Bring back those wrapped, ribboned and decorated gifts...

At The Paper Package we really wanted to do something that made it easier for people to put some excitement, fun and magic back into gift giving. Something that offered an alternative to the more usual gift baskets or gift cards, but that was still convenient and suited the way many of us run our lives - with everything left to the last minute!  And that's how we came up with our range of wrapped, ready-to-go, nostalgically-styled gifts.

In our gift range we've combined original selections of quality products together in one package, and then wrapped it up, all ready for you to give. We think it's a brilliant solution. You haven't got time to sit around for hours and hours thinking up gift ideas and stylish wrappings - but we have! So, we’ve done it for you - and come up with unique gift ideas for all sorts of situations, wrapped in an original, vintage style.

And care packages too...

So, then a funny thing happened - while we were trying to solve one problem, we discovered another. Where could people purchase care packages when they needed them?

Along with gifts, we definitely think people need somewhere to buy care packages. Giving is not always about special occasions, and there are plenty of times when a little package of practical items and goodies would make someone's day. Like when your university or school student feels a bit homesick, or when your auntie’s unwell, or your friend needs a little t.l.c. It’s those times when sending a care package is such a lovely idea.

And that's what we do...

So that’s pretty much our story so far - a little business with a dream of making it easier for people to enjoy exchanging gifts with each other. We really hope that our vintage-style gifts and care packages will make yours, and your loved ones, day a little brighter.

Thanks so much for stopping by our "About Us" page! If you did want to know any more about our packages or our values or other stuff please click the links above. Otherwise I’ll let you get back to your browsing...


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"Just want to send you a big thank-you for the fabulous parcels you create.I have used them for a number of friends and family and every time they have proved a winner. You make me look brilliant and I have to do very little other than enter my details. So once again thank you for this wonderful service, it makes gift giving so much easier"   Rachael.


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