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Our Values

At The Paper Package we have three overriding values that we run our business by:

1. Respect for Our Customers

Everybody says it - but it’s true – businesses would be nothing without their customers. At The Paper Package we want to show total respect for you, and all the people who make our business successful. In practice this means:

  • We care 100% about your satisfaction – we will resolve all issues promptly and will honour our commitment to our guarantee

  • We don’t want to give you any nasty surprises! Take a peek at our no nasty surprises policy for more details

2. Originality

There are already hundreds (probably) of online gift shops in New Zealand for you to choose from. So, in our business we really want to provide original services and products. To achieve this we rely on:

  • Changing our special occasion gift range regularly and showcasing many limited edition packages.

  • Stocking some of the more difficult-to-find brands in our favourite line of products – stationery and paper goods. For example we love to include products from Galison, New York, and Ciak & Cartesio from Italy in our gift packages.

  • Adding handmade, original products to our gift and care packages whenever possible. For example we source handmade gift tags from all over the world.

  • Creating totally unique and original packages with handmade and hand-decorated presentation – you won’t find anything the same anywhere else - in bricks & mortar or online – in New Zealand or worldwide.

The benefit of this is that when you give or receive a gift from The Paper Package you can be pretty sure it’s unique to our shop, and that the recipient won’ t have received anything quite like it before.

3. Value for money

We will always provide good quality products at reasonable prices. All our prices are fully inclusive which makes it easy for you to compare us with other gift websites. And all our products are photographed and described fully - so that you know exactly what you are purchasing in terms of the sizes and quantities of items. We save money on packaging and postage by using a lot of recycled brown paper and cardboard boxes which fit NZ Post’s standard size guidelines. It all means that your family and friends will get more for your money!

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"Just want to send you a big thank-you for the fabulous parcels you create.I have used them for a number of friends and family and every time they have proved a winner. You make me look brilliant and I have to do very little other than enter my details. So once again thank you for this wonderful service, it makes gift giving so much easier"   Rachael.


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The Paper Package is a boutique, home-based business that prides itself on personal & caring customer service.

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