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Gift Ideas for Easter - How to Run an Easter Egg Hunt


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Looking for ideas on running an Easter egg hunt?

Easter egg hunts can be tons of fun and easy to run, just by following a few simple steps...


Basic Rules:

The most basic type of hunt is where participants each start at the same time and place, and just try to find as many hidden eggs each as possible. For this type of hunt the preparation is fairly simple:

1. Decide venue and time – inside, outside (preferable), at home, neighbours, churchyard, park  etc

2. Walk the area to plan and decide where you will hide the eggs

3. Keep a list of where you’ve hidden the eggs as you hide them (just in case some aren’t found – you can keep these ones for yourself!)

4. Give each participant an Easter basket or container to collect eggs in

5. Let the fun begin...


Variations for different age ranges or groups:

The standard type of Easter egg hunt can be a bit daunting for some of the participants if you have a range of ages (it can easily all end in tears for younger kids)... so there are a number of variations which might help get round this problem:

  • Make the older children hop around rather than run

  • Make up a small checklist for each child or group – and instructions on how many to find of each type of egg (eg, 2 red eggs, 1 marshmallow egg etc)

  • For a small number of participants you could hide the eggs in groups of colours and each child just collects their own egg (eg. only collects the green eggs, or the gold eggs)


Alternative Easter Hunts:

As an alternative to a traditional Easter egg hunt it could also be fun to run an Easter scavenger hunt:

  • Hide eggs around the house and take photo’s of the egg with a small section around it (eg. on a mantelpiece or in a kitchen draw)

  • Make up word clues to where eggs or other Easter objects are hidden and players have to find the items (eg. something bunnies like to munch on...)

  • For teenagers a great idea found on the internet was to give each team a set of bunny ears and list of places to be photographed (eg. in the mall, on top of a statue, with a baby) and the team with the most photos completed wins the eggs.

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