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Gift Ideas for Weddings

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Looking for some help choosing a wedding gift?

Please check out our tips below, and for further info plus some lovely gift wrapping inspiration, you might also want to take a look at our blog post "How to choose and wrap a wedding gift"


For weddings there are basically 4 types of gifts to choose from:

This is generally the most recommended gift for a wedding these days. It is something that nearly all newly-wed couples are short of - so you know it will be appreciated. To make giving cash more personal you could attach your envelope to a smaller, personally chosen gift item. Or to make it seem more special you could wrap your envelope beautifully like this.

If the couple has a gift registry then you should probably stick to a gift item from it. Although it can seem a bit impersonal, you will at least be giving them something you know they wanted. If all the items on the register are too expensive for your budget, we suggest giving a gift card to the registry store in an amount that you can afford. Or you could chip in with other guests and purchase one of the couple’s dream items together.

When there is no gift registry and you don’t want to give cash, the next best thing could be a timeless wedding gift such as:

- Silver candlesticks

- Best quality bed-linen (good for posting as unlikely to be damaged in transit)

- French Champagne

- Quality cutlery

- Crystal

 - Cast-iron French cookware (pretty heavy to post! – so you’ll want to live close)

These gifts are great for couples that have been living together and don’t require any of the traditional “setting up a home” type gifts. They could make treasured family pieces or even heirlooms to be passed on to their children.

Sometimes the best-loved wedding gifts can come from thoughtful, sentimental ideas such as a book filled with the family recipes, or a photo album of candid, non-staged wedding shots.

Overall, the closer you are to the couple the more likely you are to get the gift right. But if it’s more of a family connection that you haven’t seen for years you should probably to stick to the cash or registry options.

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