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How to Gift Wrap Books



Purchasing and reading books is the most popular cultural activity in New Zealand – so it makes sense that books are also a really popular gift idea. This article shows how to take this good gift idea and turn it into something really special through great gift presentation.

Please note: the inspiration and ideas behind this article come from a fabulous blog  "A Gift Wrapped Life" - you can link to the original post here.

5 Easy Steps for Giving the Best Book Gifts Ever


A fantastic holiday book package for a crime-loving girl!



Step 1 – Choose Your Book (or Books)

Obviously before you start any gift wrapping you are going to have to choose the book. A single book is fine, a best-seller maybe or a specialist book in an area you know your recipient will enjoy. As well as your local bookshops, it’s also convenient to buy books online. There’s Amazon of course, then the UK-based Book Depository (which offers free shipping world-wide, and with current exchange rates, their prices are excellent) and in NZ we have Good Books, Fishpond, and Mighty Ape amongst others. Access to millions of titles is now available from the comfort of your chair!

More than one book is good too – if the budget allows, a series or small collection of books makes a fantastic gift package. Second-hand and vintage books are great – and there are always good quality copies of classics around that could make a lovely and memorable gift idea.




A lovely little lilliputian bookmark, handmade by Damn French Desserts, Madrid, Spain (visit their Etsy shop here)


Step 2 – Add a Bookmark

So - to make the gift really special we first need to add some personal and individual touches – and one of the best ways to do this is by adding a nice, new book mark. There is always a selection available at book stores or gift shops, but for something really individual try browsing online at, or for original and handmade bookmarks in all sorts of lovely designs.




"Over the Dome" bookplates, personalised or blank from The Oddest Owl, Roanoke, Virginia, USA (visit her Etsy shop here).


Step 3 – Add a Bookplate

Placing a new bookplate inside the front cover of the book is another nice idea. Ex libris labels as they are also known (ex libris is latin for “from the books of”) aren’t used very much these days – but they still add a stylish and individual note to a book gift. Etsy, the huge online handcraft community and store, has a fabulous selection of original, bookplates available for purchase.

For children there are a free bookplates available to download from the children’s book shop (here), designed by some of New Zealand’s favourite illustrators. For a cute example of a children’s bookplate available from Etsy, check out our mousie gift package.





Step 4 – Wrap the Book

We know that everybody knows how to wrap a book – but this alternative to the normal gift wrapping method is great because it's nice and relaxed and protects the edges of the book.

Basically all you do is cut two pieces of wrapping paper (I’ve used plain ribbed recycled kraft here). One equal to the width of the book , and one to the height, and then wrap one piece going in one direction and one in the other.




This shows the book wrapped in the first layer of paper - then you just wrap another going in the opposite direction.

Step 5 – Add a Quote

In this final step we make a flat gift card out of plain paper backed by a scrap of wrapping paper or card (or you could use  a ready-made gift tag if you have one). Handwrite or print out a quote or excerpt from the book onto this. It's basically the same kind of device used by the book publishers – where portions of reviews are used to entice you into purchasing or reading the book.

If you’ve read and enjoyed the book you might have a favourite quote, but otherwise a couple of minutes on the internet will get you what you need. Then just print it or handwrite it onto your gift card and attach it to the outside of your gift. This is the final touch that adds such a sense of anticipation and occasion to the gift.



Voila!! A very special gift idea.

It really does make giving a book to somebody a more special experience. Put all the steps together, and you have turned a good gift idea into a great gift idea!



The finished product!


We hope you enjoyed this article, and while you're here don't forget to check out our fabulous range of special occasion gifts and hampers.


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