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Baby Gift Messages


Looking for some inspiration for a message to accompany your baby gift or baby shower gift?


We have compiled a small selection of baby gift messages from the internet that we hope will help...

  • Congratulations! We can't wait to meet the next member of the family.

  • New life, new experiences, new thrills. Congratulations on your new baby!

  • We're so excited to find out you're going to have a baby. Congratulations!

  • We are wishing you a lifetime of happiness with your new baby.

  • I don't know who is more blessed, you for having a new little baby or the baby for having you as parents.

  • You are so creative. I heard about your newest development. Congratulations!

  • Just so you know... babies suck. Especially when they're hungry. Congratulations.

  • There are many occasions in life to celebrate, but the birth of your new baby is one which we can all celebrate with you. Congratulations.

  • Nice work Mum (and Dad!)

  • Here's a special little something for your little something special. Congratulations!


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